Nokia to make an important messaging-related announcement

Nokia to make an important smartphone/messaging announcement
We just came across a Nokia webpage with an eccentric countdown clock, which seems to be ticking away the seconds until some important announcement tomorrow. What might this announcement be about? Well, we also managed to reach another, well-hidden page, which gives the following hint in an amusing PR manner:

According to Eldar Murtazin, Nokia is cooking some kind of Ovi Maps integration with Messaging, but we wouldn't strike the option of a new smartphone off the list just yet. What about the Nokia N8 Vasco (which may soon see its own viral video campaign)? With its rumored 3.5-inch screen, it should have a decent... on-screen QWERTY keyboard for messaging, right? Alright, it may not fit the "messaging solution" label very precisely, but it looks so hot we just can't wait for its official announcement!

source: Nokia, EldarMurtazin@Twitter

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