Nokia: "small number" of Nokia N8 phones fail turning on, warranty will cover

Nokia admitted that a "small number" of Nokia N8 phones have a problem switching on, or what is known in the mobile phone industry as a dead-serious-problem. Luckily (if this word is appropriate), standard warranty should cover it, according to Nokia's head of marketing Niklas Savender.

The issue should be solved by calling your local support number and Savender stressed his concern to turn this over as quickly as possible. Future Nokia models and production for Nokia's flagship should not be affected since the issue has been identified as engine related and dealt with, as the Finn was careful to point out. He continued to explain that the number was indeed "small" in comparison to the overall sold Nokia N8s and only “limited” users were affected. However, more devices might show up with the same problem.

Some people on Twitter complained about their Nokia N8 devices and the handset is reported to have suffered from returns in Russia, where Nokia traditionally has a strong stand. The company has been plagued by technical and organizational problems in the past year or so as it relies more and more on low-end models to support its global leading position in mobile phone sales. This led to a change in policy and CEO Olli-Pekka Kallasvuo was replaced by ex-Microsoft Stephen Elop.

Have you or someone you know experienced such a problem with the Nokia N8?

source: Nokia Conversations via Engadget

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1. WhoIsThis

Posts: 1; Member since: Oct 24, 2010

Any idea what that percentage may be? 1-3% maybe? It seems that every phone released these days has issues ... this being one of the most severe as it can't even turn on.

2. marc69

Posts: 1; Member since: Nov 23, 2010

it does have issues about this very expensive phone here in the Philippines, I have bought N8 last Nov 16 at the price of php 22,400 and the first day i used it i noticed that it has a fluctuating network signal unstable.. experienced drop calls from calls abroad , and short battery life .. and the worst part after 3 days my phone keeps on rebooting.. i went to the store that i bought this phone for replacement for it's very frustrating this is the first time i bought an expensive phone from Nokia and experienced this frustrating problem,,, the sales clerk told me that they have to send the phone for testing to Nokia Care Center and there they will only decide if they will replace the unit.. They should replace it right there and then but they refuse they said that only the Nokia will decide .. I also noticed that this phone can surf the Internet and can download files but the problem is this They don't have the anti virus software for this piece of crap .. then why do they have to release this Thing if they are not yet ready to provide the important software " anti Virus" didn't they anticipate this that this Phone is not immune to viruses.. Nokia Think about This!! you bunch of retards!!! replace my phone not just fix it or upgrade it!!

3. tedsasee unregistered

Dear Marc69, Im sure you have a problem with your Nokia N8, i have too, but i think you have not done your research on anti virus software for your phone.Try browsing OVI Store for antivirus software.There are various software available, and i downloaded a free anti virus software, and it works fine on the background.No significant speed reduction when im browsing.Im happy with that software.Maybe you should try it, cheers.

8. Furious unregistered

Tedasee, The problem is not a virus, it's defective N8s. Lot's of them, there's evidence all over the web. Additionally, there's no international warranty, so if you buy a phone in one country, you can't get it fixed anywhere else. Watch this social media experiment for action: Follow @AngryN8owner on Twitter. Go back to the first few tweets and follow the links to the NokiaUS discussion boards to see how many frustrated owners there are out there.

4. n8_owner unregistered

Unfortunately, I am one of the "small" number of affected customers. I've paid a premium price to get the phone and after just 1 week it is not working any more. It died while playing a podcast (with the Podcather, the N8 does not even have a podcast application out of the box). I am now waiting for repair or replacement. The funny thing is that I did not even put the SIM card in it as and haven't got the time to transfer my contacts and stuff from my old 5800. Otherwise, the phone looks and fells great but this is a major deal-breaker. I've red a lot of horror stories on the Web with multiple repairs and replacements Mine was "made in Finland" so I expected better product quality. :(

5. Unhappy unregistered

I purchase the N8 today and the first time I tried to turn it on, it did not work. I unplugged the charger and started again and it finally came on. I have only added some contacts, taken a phone call and then a few hours later it has switched itself off, and will not turn on again. Unhappy customer and will be returning to the store tomorrow. I thought it was strange when the salesperson mentioned the warranty details to me... perhaps he has had others returned.

6. SAHIL ARORA unregistered


7. thomas92038309829 unregistered

I got my N8 2 days ago and it wont even turn on, and isnt charging. its frustraiting that nokia and my phone provider vodafone have known about these issues for months now but defective handsets are still being issued

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