Nokia shares some insight about its next generation of imaging capabilities

Nokia shares some insight about its next generation of imaging capabilities
Nokia Growth Partners shared some thoughts about what the thinking is to enhance Nokia’s already top-shelf imaging capabilities. NGP holds investments in a number of technologies with some well known entities that make up part of the imaging portfolio.

Among those companies are Pelican, InVisage, Heptagon, Morpho and Luminate. Heptagon is about to pack up and ship its billionth optical system. With this kind of talent at your disposal, the discussions are taking shape in some interesting ways.

NGP fielded some questions over the past weeks and put together some compelling answers. In short, we have a lot to look forward too. If a smartphone’s camera quality is important to you, you will want to pay attention:

That puts together some broad ideas, but it does not take a lot of imagination to see how these feature sets could be a benefit in future offerings. Now we just need to be sure that Microsoft or Nokia, whomever ends up owning this technology, are able to successfully implement these ideas before the rest of the crowd starts to take notice.

sources: Nokia Growth Partners via My Nokia Blog and WMPoweruser


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