Nokia releases its promo video for the Lumia 822 coming to Verizon

Nokia releases its promo video for the Lumia 822 coming to Verizon
No doubt that Windows Phone 8 is riding a bit of a wave now that it is officially announced and we are potentially days away from seeing devices hit the streets.

Some Verizon customers were disappointed when AT&T scored the Lumia 920 as an exclusive offering. However, Verizon folks that are aching for the 920 need not be so disappointed in the Lumia 822. First, it is Nokia’s first smartphone for Big Red, and first phone with the carrier in several years. Second, while the 920 has its camera going for it, the Lumia 822 has all the other Nokia features that people will find appealing, like Nokia Drive, Nokia Maps, and City Lens.

What’s more, the 822 will have 16GB of storage, plus microSD support up to 64GB. Throw in the free 7GB of storage everyone gets with SkyDrive and you will have more than enough space to handle thousands of audio tracks, dozens of movies or other videos, and photos of you from the day you were born to yesterday’s barbecue. There are other specifications that others may pick apart in comparison, but at the core, the 822 and 920 are running on the same guts.

For the price point, this is certain to be a hot seller for Verizon. Now that we have been able to see the device up close, we are looking forward to putting one through its paces and getting a review put together for you.

In the meantime, Verizon customers do have something to look forward to with the Lumia 822.

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