Nokia demonstrates Mail for Exchange for its Series 40 dumbphones

Nokia demonstrates Mail for Exchange for its Series 40 dumbphones
Nokia has fallen back to being the world’s second-biggest phone maker for a good reason, but it’s dumbphone division is continuing to sell relatively well across the globe. It’s tens of millions of handsets per quarter, and adding support for Mail for Exchange could turn out to be a huge deal for those using cheaper Nokia devices. 

What you’ll see in the video demonstration below is still only a beta version of the service that will roll out in June. The first devices supporting the standard are the Nokia Asha 302 and 303.

Microsoft’s Mail for Exchange is a corporate solution allowing employess within a company to use email, calendar and other functions in a safe environment, and by now was considered to be a smartphone asset. So far, Mail for Exchange supports English only, but 15 more languages will be added in the future.

Now, this is a welcome addition, but it seems that in a world where Android smartphones from the big phone makers like Samsung could be had for as low as $100 off contract, it seems too little, too late.



1. mercorp

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5. dumbophonono

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Agree!!! Elop must be FIRED

2. snowgator

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Yes Victor, we know Nokia is not the largest phone manufacturer anymore. Thanks for bringing that up in an unrelated post. And, yes- feature phones (or dumb phones, whatever) are declining. But when you look at the different markets they are not going anywhere anytime soon. They still are a cheap and popular option. Even if they drop to 40% of the cell phone market this year, that means they will only sell in the lower billions. And they won't drop that far- most analyst think Smartphones will outsell them worldwide for the first time ever. So it will be more like 50/50. Nokia sees this and the emerging smartphone markets portion of the world as part of their stragety to maintain their status as a top manufacturer and building brand loyalty. Features such as this are important.

7. dumbophonono

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LOL if you were in Nokia dominating market such as India, China, Indonesia, Brazil, Philippine.... then you'll know that Nokia got problem fighting the US$ 100 (samsung galaxy Pocket) - US$ 120 (samsung galaxy y). Nokia Asha (US$ 80 - US$ 150) were too pale against this cheap android. Nokia is dead.

3. angelesmec unregistered

dumb phone? offensive term.. feature phone is better. xD

9. dambaphanana

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Asha line is like BB now. A devices at the wrong time. Nokia is dead for sure

4. -box-

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Samsung is selling no-contract smartphones for under $100? Pray tell me where and what is available! Unless you mean used, then I don't care. Keep in mind a lot of folks don't want (or can't afford, in emerging markets) a smartphone data plan, and a basic pay-per-use or non-smartphone data plan works for their budget and needs. Honestly, I could go back to my baby-smartphone (Nokia Nuron 5230, technically smartphone OS but charged data as a "dumbphone") and not miss much functionality. I'd miss the speed and fluidity of my current phones, but it'd work for everything I need it to. Smartphones are a luxury, and the only people that arguably require them are those that work in very fast-paced jobs where constant contact almost anywhere is necessary, for voice and data.

6. dumbophonono

Posts: 3; Member since: May 09, 2012

Samsung Selling Samsung Galaxy Y for US$ 120 (non contract) and Samsung Galaxy Pocket for US$ 99 (non contract) This samsung Galaxy Y & Pocket kick Nokia very bad as it's cheap and it's android (more apps). Even Nokia Asha line can't compete with this US$100-120 android.

8. dambaphanana

Posts: 2; Member since: May 09, 2012

Just additional information for you. In philipine, malaysia, indonesia, thailand... DAILY/WEEKLY/MONTHLY internet is very common among user. So, for example, I don't want to pay the internet data in phone because I could have access to wifi, then for some reason I need to have internet for 1 day or 1 week or 1 month, I could purchase the internet easily (mostly by presing *123#). The internet service is also cheap DAILY SEMI-UNLIMITED start from US$ 0.11 (11 cents US) that for 10 MB data in HSPA, and speed lowered to 64kbps after 10MB. Bigger data plan available. So, cheap android is very popular among scholar (junior high - high school), even college student in emerging market. This is where nokia were failed to predict the future. Their dumbphone is falling faster than US analyst know.

12. snowgator

Posts: 3621; Member since: Jan 19, 2011

We all do know that MS and Nokia developed Tango just to compete with these low end smartphone sale, right??? As a matter of a fact, Nokia wouldn't have entered into the partnership with Microsoft without it. There will be WP Tango branded Nokia's at these same price points BECAUSE Nokia wants these devloping markets. And you know what? Even if they are a huge hit (they will be), Feature Phones are not going ANYWHERE. There will always be a call for basic messaging or flip phones. ALWAYS. Yes, they will be down to a small % of sales in a couple years, but there is always someone who just wants basic channels on their TV, economy cars, simple freezer-on-top refrigerators, low end computers, plain cheese pizza and non-smartphones. Samsung, LG, ZTE, and all the other manufacturers have no plans to stop making them, so why is Nokia dead because they are not?? By the way, I respect both your opinions and observations, but all the analysts I have read say "dumbphones" are Nokia's saving grace right now. It is their Smartphone sales that have taken the hit. Think you two may be blinded by the desire to see Nokia fail and are not really seeing the numbers.

10. steelicon

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This is true. Nokia Asha feature phones do not even have a hint of a hope to compare yet even compete with low end Android phones. So there goes your low end market, Nokia. Nokia Lumia phones with 256-512Mb RAM and 8-16Gb internal storage with no external storage options (microSD) and single core processors with no sideloading and Zune dependent with no Bluetooth transfers, no HDMI out, no Adobe Flash, etc., etc., do not even have a hint of a hope to compare yet even compete with high end Android phones and even Apple iOS phones. So there goes your high end market, Nokia. Nokia Symbian. Stephen Elop murdered it in cold blood, stabbing it in the back on that fateful day, on February 2011. Nokia MeeGo shared the same fate. So there goes your cash cow, Nokia, your middle range, with around 250 Million users, albeit some are already defecting, if not most, to Android or Apple iOS, and soon to defect to Blackberry, which aped your MeeGo / Qt interface. Now it is only WP for Nokia. And now you're selling off Vertu, and gave away your $5Billion USD IP to Microsoft for FREE. And you are not releasing Nokia 808 PureView RM-807 with Belle FP1 globally. How are your sales, with your current WP only strategy lately, compared YoY, QoQ, Nokia?

13. snowgator

Posts: 3621; Member since: Jan 19, 2011

Again, as my comments above reminded, the WP stragety is going fine if not more painful. These Asha phones are not meant to compete with cheap smartphones, they are meant to compete with other manufacturers featurephones that still sell in the billions worldwide. WP/Nokia Tango phones will compete with the low end smartphone sales.

11. jackhammeR

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pretty god actually. and calling it a dumbphone means you're to dumb to use it. Nokia has a goal. Windows phones = Nokia in the near feature. When you say windows phone, you think Nokia instantly. The same with android. Every manufacturer would like to be the only and the best but there is too many competitors already. HTC, Motorola, Samsung and many many smaller. Remember the fright when HTC and Samsung heard about Motorola acquisition by google? That they could be pushed away and Motorola would become number one for google? There is almost no competition for Nokia. Why Nokia should compete with so many "androidish" manufactureres when has its own playground without hostile inhabitants? Nokia has too much to loose. That's why they must execute it properly and the best they can. They made the first step and they did it quite good. Remember how first android phones looked like? They won't be probably number one once again due to android attack and constant war "apple vs the rest" but there is a gigantic amount of place to take over. Elop made many mistakes and I don't know his truly intentions (nobody knows) but I presume he put his hope on Windows so that Nokia could restore some of its greatness (he was aware of Symbian flaws and knew it would take too much time to develop meego as the primary system). He played a poker style and let it be. To late to reverse that.

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