Nokia announced American flavor of its top-shelf N96

Nokia announced American flavor of its top-shelf N96
Together with the new N79 and N85, Nokia announced the U.S. version of its top-shelf model, the N96. Initially shown in February, during the MWC 2008 Congress, it was announced as a quad-band GSM with dual-band 3G that will not work in the States. This new variant changes the frequencies to the AT&T-friendly 850/1900 MHz. However, there are also some drawbacks: the European variant has support for mobile TV (DVB-H), while the new one doesn’t. It still offers 5-megapixel camera, aGPS, Wi-Fi, 3.5mm jack and stereo Bluetooth, but these are also supported by the N85, which comes at a lower price. What the N96 offers more in contrast to it, is the bigger display (2.8” instead of 2.6”) and 16GB of internal memory, but lacks the FM transmitter.

The American N96 is expected to be available during the fourth quarter, for an estimated price of $895. As with the other two models, there is no information if it will be distributed by AT&T and we can only hope it will.

Nokia N96 US Specifications

source: Nokia



1. unregistered

No chance for ATT to use N96. Maybe the N85 has a shot tho.

2. unregistered

These are coming to Rogers in Canada, unfortunately.

3. unregistered

I'm glad that the N series are finally coming to the US. I'm glad they're coming to AT&T too.

4. unregistered

Wait, so the NAM N96 drops DVB-H AND the FM transmitter!?

5. unregistered

So let me get this straight .... the N96 WON'T have the same Mobile TV support, has a larger screen difference of .2 inches, and lacks the FM transmitter ..... and they have the nerve to charge a mortgage payment for it? Wow!!!!! Really, that's all I have to say .... WOW!!!

6. lol unregistered

$895 if u pay that much for a cellphone ur a sucker :D.

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