Nokia World 2009 is just right around the corner

Nokia World 2009 is just right around the corner
With summer winding down to its last few weeks, we're expecting to have some last minute fun in the world of mobile phones when Nokia World 2009 commences on September 2. Nokia's might in the industry is still prominent despite a slew of companies taking a piece of their overall global market share. The event is being held in Stuttgart where they plan on wowing audiences with some of their latest products. So far there have been some speculations to what will be seen during the event – Nokia hasn't come out with a definitive list for the two day show. The rumors though have been swirling around the web with many guesses to what the world will see – some being expected, while others are hopeful. First, the Nokia N97 Mini has been in the news of late – showing off its slimmer figure in overall dimensions and memory capacity. One of the most anticipated products expected to come out of Nokia World is the N900 Maemo tablet. This device is packed with some serious amenities for the gadget hound – 1GB runtime memory, GPS, Wi-Fi, 32GB of storage, and a 5-megapixel camera. Sometimes an aging platform needs a much needed overhaul to really get into the game and beat its competitors. We've seen plenty of platforms utilize gorgeous and intuitive home screens to mask an otherwise stale underlying operating system. We've seen how Palm rejuvenated itself with WebOS this past summer and placed itself among the leaders in the pact. S60 has long been Nokia's flagship OS on many of their devices, but some complain about its outdated looks. It seems that S60 might be getting a makeover to really make it appealing – hopefully it'll be previewed in the flesh during the event. Those are just some things we are all hopeful about hearing, or even seeing, during Nokia World 2009. With less than two weeks left until the event, we expect to hear more concrete information about what to see.

source: Nokia via News
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