Nokia's Steel HR hybrid watch (compatible with Android and iOS) is now available in the US

Nokia today started selling the Steel HR, a hybrid wearable device that combines the elegance of an analog watch with (some of) the features of a smartwatch. Available to pre-order since November, the Nokia Steel HR isn't exactly a new product, being a rebranded and slightly improved Withings Steel HR - a watch that was first announced last year, shortly after Nokia acquired Withings.  


Unlike regular smartwatches, which usually have full digital displays, the Steel HR only has a small digital screen, the rest of its front being analog. The watch comes with a heart rate sensor and activity tracking features, plus step and calorie counters. Its digital screen can display information related to all these things, but also notifications like texts and calls - as long as you connect the watch to a phone. Speaking of that, the Steel HR can be connected via Bluetooth to Android devices (running 5.0 or newer), as well as to iOS devices (running 8.0 or newer). A free Nokia Health Mate app will allow you to control the watch from your smartphone.


The Nokia Steel HR is water resistant (up to 164 feet / 50 meters deep), and packs a battery capable of lasting up to 25 days in normal mode, or up to 5 days in workout mode. The hybrid watch is available in two sizes: 36mm (costing $179.95) and 40mm (priced at $199.95). You can also choose from a variety of optional wristbands, though these cost extra - for example, a leather wristband is priced at $45.95.


Nokia is selling the Steel HR with 1-year US warranty, and a 30-day return period. Interested? If you are, you can order the watch via the source link below.


source: Nokia



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