Nokia N810 Internet Tablet announced

Nokia N810 Internet Tablet announced
Nokia just announced the N810, the third generation Internet Tablet of the brand. Coming as the successor of the N800, the new gadget upgrades it with sliding QWERTY keyboard and built-in GPS for navigation, as well as many other smaller tweaks. Straight out of the box it has mapping software but similar to the "Nokia Maps" found on S60 smartphones, the voice-guided turn-by-turn navigation is paid. Based on Linux, the N810 uses Maemo 2008 OS (N800 uses 2007 version but will be upgradable to 2008) and comes preloaded with Mozilla-based Internet browser supporting AJAX and Adobe Flash 9 which would allow it to visualize advanced pages like Google Mail and YouTube for example. The display resolution of 800x480 pixels is not changed but if the browser is well optimized, it should be enough for most pages. The N810 also comes loaded with Skype and Gizmo which will allow also for VoIP calls and video conversations (through the VGA camera) when there is Internet connection through WiFi network or shared by phone connected through Bluetooth. Talking about Bluetooth, wireless headset using this technology can be used with the N810 thanks to updated profiles support. If there is no connection to the Internet, the N810 can act as multimedia device with 4.13" display and lots of integrated memory thanks to the microSDHC (high capacity) slot that can use cards with capacity of 10+GB. The N810 will be available from the middle of November for $479 excluding taxes.

source: Nokia


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1. heatmizer unregistered

If they would just put an SSD drive in this thing like the iTouch then they would really have a serious product.

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