Nokia Lumia phones outship BlackBerry models in latest quarter

Nokia Lumia phones outship BlackBerry models in latest quarter
BlackBerry and Nokia are part of a battle being waged in the smartphone industry over which platform will end up in third place globally behind Android and iOS. This is a very important battle with nothing less than the survival of BlackBerry at stake. No sooner did the words leave BlackBerry CEO Thorsten Hein's lips introducing BlackBerry 10 to the world last January, than right away the gloves came off and the battle was on.

With Nokia's latest quarterly report getting released on Thursday morning, we can now make a comparison between the two platforms. What's that you say, Windows Phone manufacturers include other handset producers like Samsung and HTC? Well yes Virginia, that is true. But since Nokia accounts for such a huge share of Windows Phone production, we can use the Finnish based firm as as proxy for Microsoft's mobile OS.

For its part, Nokia announced this morning that it shipped a record 7.4 million units of Nokia Lumia phones for its second quarter, led by the extremely popular entry-level Nokia Lumia 520. That model is so popular around the globe that the version of it for T-Mobile in the U.S., the Nokia Lumia 521, was sold out at Walmart, T-Mobile and on Home Shopping Network. The 7.4 million Lumia phones shipped compares with the 6.8 million handsets shipped by BlackBerry in its latest quarter.

It is certainly not a galloping runaway, but round one belongs to Windows Phone.

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