Nokia Lumia 730 used to snap the largest selfie ever

Nokia Lumia 730 used to snap the largest selfie ever
The Nokia Lumia 730 is perfectly equipped for the task that Microsoft Lumia Bangladesh used it for. With a 5MP front-facing camera that employs a wide-angle lens, the Lumia 730 was made to capture the world's largest selfie. Sure, Ellen Degeneres might have snapped the most popular selfie in history earlier this year. But even that famous photo, taken with the Samsung Galaxy Note 3, was far from being the largest such picture.

With the wide-angle lens doing its thing, Microsoft was able to squeeze 1151 people into the record breaking selfie. Microsoft Lumia Bangladesh  now presumably owns the title for having snapped a selfie with the "most number of people with recognizable faces."

Still, there has been no official word from the authenticator of such deeds, the Guinness Book of World Records. Regardless, it still is a clever promotion for the selfie-centric front-facing snapper on the Lumia 730. Now, if you can get 1152 recognizable faces to squeeze into a selfie, let us know.

source: MicrosoftLumiaBangladesh via WindowsCentral

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