Nokia Aeon takes the leading role?

Nokia Aeon takes the leading role?
Nokia products are not really camera shy - you’ve seen them in supporting roles in many high-profile movies, the last example being the 5800 XpressMusic in The Dark Knight. The Echelon Conspiracy might not have been shot with such a high budget, but then again, it’s the first movie where a phone gets to play the leading role. Well okay, if you believed the credits, the leading role is actually taken by one Shane West, but we know better than that.
The most interesting part in the movie is actually played by an exotic handset that looks almost visually identical with the Nokia Aeon concept we’ve seen before. The device has two touch-sensitive screens, the smaller one playing the role of a keypad or contextual menu buttons. The name of Nokia is never mentioned in the film and the device is introduced as the “GZT 650”, but then again, Batman’s phone was not really advertised as a Nokia product either.

A few months back we thought the Aeon will probably end up as one of those concepts that never get to mass production, but now, between the rumors of Nokia preparing to launch at least three unannounced touch screen devices and the movie, we’re not quite sure anymore.
What do you think? Is it just another case of advertising before the official announcement, or a coincidence?

via: GSM Dome

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