Lumia 950 XL with a full version of Windows can run the original Fallout gamе

Lumia 950 XL with a full version of Windows can run the original Fallout gamе
A few days ago, Microsoft officially called it quits and announced that it will be ending support for the mobile version of Windows. Now, while the operating system doesn’t have much market share to speak of, it does have its own set of devoted, loyal fans, who have undoubtedly been heartbroken ever since the signs of Windows Mobile’s demise first popped up.

But you know what? It’s not really over as far as Windows on mobile devices is concerned. In 2017, Microsoft announced Windows 10 ARM — a version of its desktop operating system that has been specifically optimized to work on processors with the ARM architecture, a.k.a. the mobile processors of today. Since then, we’ve seen a few budget laptops and hybrid tablet devices with Windows 10 ARM.

Now, fans of Windows Mobile ask “Why not on phone?”

Enthusiasts have managed to install Windows 10 ARM on their Microsoft Lumia 950 XL devices — the last and most advanced flagship phone that Microsoft produced before quitting the handset game. And, in the videos below, you can see the results. One shows Windows 10 running smoothly, while the other straight up boots the original Fallout game.

Now, is this a usable alternative we recommend you jump on with your daily driver? No, not really. But it does show that the Pocket PC is not dead, it’s just being ignored right now. It seems that it’s fully possible that a manufacturer can pick up Windows 10 ARM, design a device around it and blow our minds. One can dream.

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