Nokia 8 vs Nokia 6 first look

Flagship versus mid-range, that's the scenario playing out here with this comparison between the Nokia 6 and 8 – two phones that that are resurrecting the Nokia brand thanks to HMD. On one hand, we have the budget-conscious Nokia 6, which doesn't skimp out with its design, and on the other, the newly crowned flagship in the Nokia 8. We spent some brief time with the metal beauties, but if you're itching to know which one to get, it'll more than likely depend on your budget. Let's find out what exactly separates them!


For its low-cost and all, don't count out the Nokia 6 yet with its metal casing and accents. It might be a mid-ranger, but it looks and feels very much like a premium flagship. However, that distinction becomes more apparent once you take a fresh look at the new Nokia 8 with its sleeker chassis, unibody aluminum construction, and rounded edges. There's an absolute difference in the way these two look and feel, but there's a clear reason why the best designs are reserved for flagship caliber devices – and this is certainly a testament to that!


We didn't notice it initially during our brief time checking the two out, as both display produced ample detail from normal viewing distances, but the Nokia 8 on paper offers the superior display! Technically, it has the details advantage with its 5.3-inch 1440 x 2560 IPS LCD display, a significant difference over the 6's 5.5-inch 1080p IPS LCD one. Again, we have to stress that it's tough to discern from a normal distance, but we imagine that it's a different story under closer inspection. Another point worth mentioning is that the Nokia 8's panel is protected by Gorilla Glass 5 – in contrast to the Gorilla Glass 3 employed on the Nokia 6 

User Interface

Consistency, that's the name of the game when you look at the Android experiences with these two phones, which are running Nougat. Frankly speaking, it seems as though many manufacturers have been adopting cleaner interfaces that are very close to the stock experience – and it's no different here with these two Nokia smartphones. Knowing that, the only thing we can really do is applaud this strategy.


Another major area where we see the Nokia 8 pulling away from the 6 is in the camera employed by the two. With the Nokia 6, it keeps things simple with its 16-megapixel f/2.0 camera sensor. And on the other hand, the Nokia 8 receives more love due to the fact that it's sporting a dual-camera system. The break down are two 13-megapixel cameras, wherein one is color and other is monochrome. Much like other dual-camera implementations, it results in delivering adjustable bokeh levels with the camera. Therefore, photo-centric users will easily eat up what the Nokia 8 has to offer.

In addition to that bokeh mode, the Nokia 8 leverages its new "bothie" mode, which uses the front and rear cameras simultaneously to shoot photos and videos. And finally, the front-facing camera favors the Nokia 8 for the moment with its higher count 13-megapixel camera – in comparison to the 8-megapixel one found in the Nokia 6.


What's fascinating is that the Nokia 8 has a smaller footprint than the 6, but yet it manages to stuff in a slightly higher capacity battery. We're dealing with a 3,090 mAh battery in the Nokia 8, versus the 3,000 mAh one in the Nokia 6. Sure, that Quad-HD screen in the Nokia 8 is sure to test out its longevity, but don't be surprised if it somehow manages to outlast the Nokia 6.


Let's talk about pricing! This is the one area that'll instantly determine what phone to side with, seeing that cost-conscious consumers will find the Nokia 6's $230 cost appealing. Compared to the €599 sticker price attached to the Nokia 8 so far, those interested in it will have to fork out almost three times as much money to pick it up over the Nokia 6. Then again, that justification is made more poignant by its better-looking design, dual-camera implementation, and Snapdragon 835 chip (the Nokia 6 has a lowly Snapdragon 430). It'll be interesting, though, because even with the superior guts, the Nokia 6 might prove to be better performing in certain areas, so a proper review and comparison will be necessary to uncover that.

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  • Display 5.3 inches
    2560 x 1440 pixels
  • Camera 13 MP (Dual camera)
    13 MP front
  • Hardware Qualcomm Snapdragon 835, 4GB RAM
  • Storage 64GB, microSDXC
  • Battery 3090 mAh
  • OS Android 9.0 Pie
  • Display 5.5 inches
    1920 x 1080 pixels
  • Camera 16 MP (Single camera)
    8 MP front
  • Hardware Qualcomm Snapdragon 430, 3GB RAM
  • Storage 32GB, microSDXC
  • Battery 3000 mAh
  • OS Android 9.0 Pie



4. Flash

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Good God those bezels are still too much of an eyesore.

5. meanestgenius

Posts: 23028; Member since: May 28, 2014

Just like the iPhone, which you've never complained about, btw.

6. Flash

Posts: 1972; Member since: May 19, 2017

How many times are you going to keep deflecting with the iphone every time I mention the bezels? I don't see you attacking anyone else about the bezels. Why single me out? Oh I know, because you're a glutton for punishment and a hypocrite.

7. meanestgenius

Posts: 23028; Member since: May 28, 2014

How many times are you going to deflect from your hypocrisy every time you mention bezels? I don't see you attacking the iPhone about bezels. Why single Nokia out? Oh, I know. It's because you're trolling Nokia because I like it, and because you're an inbred hypocrite crybaby that loves to get dragged around the comments section by me.

13. Flash

Posts: 1972; Member since: May 19, 2017

Who says I'm singling them out? Why single me out even though I'm not the only one who commented on the bezels? Get over yourself. You're not that important. You're just a punching bag for me to clobber and drag around the comments section. You are outmatched by me and it triggers you.

14. meanestgenius

Posts: 23028; Member since: May 28, 2014

Lol, it's evident that you are, as you don't talk about any other bezels from any other manufacturer. Now quit the crying because I pointed out your hypocrisy. I must be important because you never even commented on a Nokia article until I started commenting on them. That much is obvious, so YOU get over yourself and your lies. You're just a little btch for me to toy around with and dispose of at my leisure. I am your superior, and it triggers to no end.

15. Flash

Posts: 1972; Member since: May 19, 2017

I'm not crying. I'm just wondering why you choose to single me out. Oh wait, I know. It's because you are a troll. And I've called out other OEMs before. Lol, you wish. You're just mad because I speak the truth without biting my tongue unlike you who is afraid of users like darkkmite.

16. meanestgenius

Posts: 23028; Member since: May 28, 2014

Lol, you're crying like a baby because I pointed out your hypocrisy. You're a troll that's just trolling Nokia because I favor them, and the only other OEM's you've so called "called out" (read: TROLLED) are either ones that I favor like BlackBerry, or ones that you've trolled since your mxyzptlk account like Samsung and Motorola. No need to wish, lol. It's evident for all to see that you've NEVER commented on a Nokia article until you saw that I favor them. They just became one more OEM for you to troll because of me, much like you do with BlackBerry. You're too obvious with your trolling, and that's why darkk kicked you to the curb, and it has made you rage in anger against him ever since.

10. Xilam unregistered

True that.... iPhone is way, way overdue for front panel redesign... Even LG surpassed it like a year ago... I hate TimCook... he has resources that can crank out an awesome device but the accountant in him (pun unintended), is playing it safe... the screen to body ratio should have been a 2012-14 move and now apple is like 3rd or 4th to the pole.

11. Spyro

Posts: 334; Member since: Mar 29, 2017

Even Steve Jobs would've made a design change by now.Tim Cook and his pal Jony Ive are full of sh**.

12. Flash

Posts: 1972; Member since: May 19, 2017

We would still be living with the 4S under Steve Jobs. Cook is a businessman, but he's not a tech guy like Jobs.

8. mahima

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where there is nokia...there is -ve flash

9. FlySheikh

Posts: 444; Member since: Oct 02, 2015

El o el

3. meanestgenius

Posts: 23028; Member since: May 28, 2014

Saw the aformentioned gsmarena review of the Nokia 8 myself, and it was fantastic. The Nokia 8 is definitely a worthy flagship, and it does the Nokia name proud. Since I own the Nokia 6, I can honestly say that it's a great mid-range smartphone that is worthy of the Nokia name, as well. Can't to get my hands on the Nokia 8 when it comes stateside.

2. legiloca

Posts: 1676; Member since: Nov 11, 2014

Am looking forward for the full review PA, though yeah GSMArena already did theirs, I wanna see your take on the resurrected former king of smartphones.

1. Johnnokia

Posts: 1158; Member since: May 27, 2012

GSMArena review of the Nokia 8 was extremely great, especially for the phone camera. I'm looking forward to the phablet flagship.

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