Nokia 6650 headed to AT&T

Nokia 6650 headed to AT&T
The three new models announced yesterday feature AT&T friendly 3G bands, but neither the carrier, nor Nokia have announced if they will be offered through the largest U.S. carrier. It is not the same case with the Nokia 6650 though. Although it is also not officially announced to come to AT&T, stamped with its logos and published over the official Nokia USA site must really mean something.

Initially, the phone was announced as a T-Mobile Europe exclusive model, but it seems that AT&T will also offer it. Its 3G bands have been changed to be suitable for the U.S. carrier (850 and 1900 MHz), but the specifications remain the same as before. It is a clamshell with metal pattern, running on Symbian S60 3rd Edition with Feature Pack 2 (the latest version). It has a 2.2” QVGA main display on the inside and a 1.4” external one with three shortcut keys. It also features a 2-megapixel camera, microSD slot, and aGPS. It will be equipped with AT&T Navigator and will have a dedicated key for launching it. 6650 will be available in either silver or red color.

Nokia 6650 Specifications

source: Nokia



1. unregistered

AT+T can keep your clam shell phone. HA FACE!

2. unregistered

Yeah, VZW is taking over the world and since AT+T is in the world they shall own them soon too. That will show all you AT+T fans that VZW is king. Soon you will allllllllllllllllllllllllllllll learn

6. unregistered

How's buying Alltel (which is available within the US boundaries only) taking over the world?

7. unregistered

Not even that. What makes you think that Verizon is going to take all over the world when it's only exclusive to the US?

3. unregistered

looks like nokia found out and took down the web-link!

5. JC unregistered

Yeah, bastards... it's not there anymore... damn...

4. JC unregistered

WOW... I'm getting this phone!... I've wanted this phone since I saw it released for Tmobile Europe... and I just switched to AT&T!... Great!... (I'm on a month to month plan with no contract because I brought my own phone)... but I'm willing to sign a contract to get this phone...

8. unregistered

seems kool!!!

9. unregistered

i like the design of this phone, but id never use anything in it other than the mp3. Verizon's has its ups and downs one of its ups is that one i have to admit it has good signal stregnth (infecting you with cancer) *j/k and it has a lot of cool phones. The downside is that theres no sim chip so no switching phones anytime you feel like it and you can get any signal outside of the usa since the whole entier world uses t-mobile pretty much. AT&T is good it has signal where verizon can't get (don't hate) so all in all it'd be simple for one big cell phone company but..then that'd turn into a monopoly..again(means doesnt matter how much they charge because its your only option)

10. unregistered

haha you little VZW fanboy. do you realize that if you have verizon your stuck for 2 years with the WORST customer service, and phones, no matter what "j d power" says. and if you want a new phone? oh well you have to buy a lame cdma one with no sim card. hmmmm and you obviously cant use you of the country so uh yeah verizon sucks majorly

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