Nokia 6205 teams up with Batman, comes to VZW

Nokia 6205 teams up with Batman, comes to VZW
The Nokia 6205 we told you about back in April has gotten a launch date for Verizon, a price and a Batman makeover. Dubbed "The Dark Knight Edition" it will come with exclusive pre-loaded content from the upcoming movie. It will be available as a web exclusive starting on June 15th, and one and two year pricing will will run $189.99 or $119.99 respectively. Features of this mid-level clam include a 1.3 megapixel camera with flash, VZNavigation and V Cast Music and Video support, meaning it does indeed have EVDO data.

source: Engadget Mobile



1. unregistered

It's the Batphone! Where's the Joker Phone? or the TwoFace Phone?

2. DamonO unregistered

Yea, hey where's the Poison Ivy and Freeze phones? Poison Ivy phone was delayed because testers were complaining of deaths in the family when they would let their relatives use their phone. Phoenix Arizona testers of the Freeze phone were complaining that they had water damage when the phones arrived in the mail. Way to go Nokia!

6. unregistered

Tell me about it... Nokia has no knowledge of user friendly interface

3. unregistered

why so expensive for a poorly featured phone?

4. unregistered

welcome to vzw

5. unregistered

seriously. verizons service and data say the least...impressive. but when it comes to their phones they are expensive and and bulky with limited features and (for the most part, in my opinion) ugly. vzw sure does love money.

7. J from TN unregistered

Well, the phone is only as good as the network that it's on.Who cares how "great" the phone is if the network that it's on is sub-par.

8. unregistered

You guys do relize that phone will be 69.99 after the rebate. I guess because the fact i work for a verizon retailer I see how much the actual phone costs. Take a secondary line. If its just the line and no extra verizon is going to pull in 200 bucks before it can upgrade.(20 months of coarse) Now look at the phone. 119.99 which without even knowing the full retail I can guess it at about 210-220.(keep in mind there isnt alot of profit in phones) So verizon is eating about 90 to 100 bucks but im sure true cost has to alittle lower. I guess i just dont understand how sooo many people complain out 70 bucks being too much to pay for a phone. Maybe im alittle biased too because i hear customer complain everyday because they feel they should get a blackberry for free. Seriously almost everyday someone actually says that to me.

9. anonymous1 unregistered

Wait till that phone is avail at BBY. It will be a great deal there. Did you see they had the Glyde for $99 last week.

10. unregistered

well they are an international retailor... they should have some deals

12. unregistered

well 70 is still expensive considering its basic and little features, design, etc.

15. unregistered

You all realize that most people I know pay at least $70 as a MONTHLY BILL, and I live in a country where we make and spend half as much mony as you americans do, so that's like spending $140 a month. But when I go and buy a Trinity for $600... "OMG! That's soooo expensive!"

11. unregistered

People will always complain about phone prices no matter what company the phone is for. People have to understand that cellphones are not just cellphones anymore. Most phones now play music, video clips, downloadable ringtones, etc. Phones we have today are ALOT cheaper then what they were before... people have forgotten that when the Mot. Startac came out, it cost about $400 and people would buy it without lets just go out there and spend some money and appreciate what our phones have to offer.

13. unregistered

Finally someone remembers! I'm guessing everyone's complaining is due to the fact they spend the same for a phone as a gallon of gas. Understandable but it is in fact true that phones (even though the economy sucks) are really not that expensive. Whether it's Verizon or at or T Mobile the prices you see on phones are like that everywhere. Two things though 1. Verizon is not sub par, please research. 2. VZW does not make a profit off of phones. Period. They make profit off of your calling plan and data. Why do you think they have so many free phones online (doesnt matter how un high tech they are if they REALLY loved money so much they wouldn't be free, right?).

14. C-Chickie unregistered

I would expect this phone to be unbelievablely amazing with the movie its being linked to. Of course though the phone will not even come to living up to its name. Oh lord... another let down

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