No October event from Apple this year: Remaining devices will likely be announced via press releases

No October event from Apple this year: Remaining devices will likely be announced via press releases
With Apple’s iPhone 14 event, which originally took place on September 7th under the name Far Out, well behind us, many have set their sights on October. Traditionally, Apple holds 4 events per year, with 2 of them being in Fall. Currently, we are down three and one to go.

The last event of the year almost invariably focuses on the Mac and the iPad, and is traditionally surrounded by much less hype. However, this year, it seems that we might not even be getting anything to be hyped about in the first place.

According to Mark Gurman, the undisputed authority on all things Apple, the Cupertino company might have decided against holding a dedicated fourth event this year. This information was first brought forward in Gurman’s Power On newsletter and was subsequently covered by MacRumors in a dedicated article.

According to Gurman, despite the fact that Apple has a number of device launches left for 2022, an October event is rather implausible, with the announcements more likely to happen via press releases. It should be noted that this has happened in the past, and is by no means unprecedented.

Nevertheless, the fact that Apple is backing down on a stand-alone event signals one thing - there is no point in holding one. In all likelihood, the remaining Apple devices for 2022 will be minor updates to existing models, with little upgrades besides improved internals.

For reference, we are expecting a revamped M2 iPad Pro, a redesigned standard iPad and (possibly) a couple of new Macs. Given that most of the devices will, by all odds, simply make the transition from M1 to M2, there is little to be excited about.

In fact, the biggest change will come in the form of the new vanilla iPad, but, given its status as an entry level device, Apple is not particularly likely to invest much effort in its marketing. All in all, it seems the best from Apple for 2022 is behind us.

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