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Next Huawei Mate X looks like a Galaxy Fold in patent designs

Next Huawei Mate X looks like a Galaxy Fold in patent design
The Huawei Mate X and Mate Xs were the only real competition to Samsung's Galaxy Fold, in terms of design. Both companies chose a book-like folding design where the user ends up with a small tablet, but while the Galaxy Fold has its delicate flexible screen on the inside of the device, Huawei put theirs on the outside, so a secondary, smaller screen wasn't needed.

Now, with the new LetsGoDigital report based on Huawei's patent designs, it appears the Chinese giant will attempt to stray from its own, and improve upon Samsung's vision. The images from the patent show a device that, much like the Fold, has a screen that folds inwards, and a smaller outside screen for when it's closed.

On the patent it is shown that the device is boasting a quadruple camera setup, similarly to the current Huawei Mate Xs, with the fourth camera being square-shaped, instead of round, possibly featuring a zoom lens. No cameras are seen on the other side of the device, so the quad camera setup is likely meant to be used for selfies also.

This Huawei patent was approved yesterday, April 28th, though as always, there's no guarantee that we'll see an actual device come from it. But we do know Huawei is probably going to release its next foldable smartphone near the end of 2020, possibly October, likely to follow the next Galaxy Fold iteration, which itself is expected around September.

Earlier this month Huawei admitted to losing up to $70 million on the €2,499 Huawei Mate Xs, with CEO Richard Yu saying the cost of folding screens needs to be reduced before a profit would be possible. Despite this, the Samsung Galaxy Fold and Galaxy Z Flip are understood to be profitable.

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