New rumors about the next iPhone sporting a Force Touch display pop up

The Force Touch in the next iPhone to be several times more expensive than the one in the Apple Watc
Apple is already rumored to be putting a Force Touch-enabled display on its next iPhone and today we have new rumors claiming the same. In particular, the supplier of force-touch panels for the Apple Watch - China-based TPK - is expected to rank in significant profits by the end of the year with the cited reason being Apple's decision to employ such a force-registering display in its next iPhone crop. TPK will not be the sole maker of said Force Touch panels, though - GIS, another China-based touch display maker, is also tipped as being chosen by Apple as a supplier of such displays.

Unlike the Apple Watch, which employs Force Touch display that costs $4-$5 a unit, the Force Touch display in next iPhone will command a much larger price tag - roughly $13-$14. The reason for this is, of course, the much larger footprint of the iPhone display (in comparison with the Apple Watch, that is).  

According to the rumor in question, however, it seems that this technology will only appear on the larger iPhone, the rumored successor to the iPhone 6 Plus. The smaller device is not expected to score Force Touch. As usual, such rumors are to be taken with a grain of salt, but if we take the uniformity of Apple's ecosystem, it is somewhat logical that the next iPhone will indeed feature such a display.

And what is Force Touch, exactly? Well, it's a display with embedded sensor inside that are able to distinguish light taps from harder presses, which paves the way for a whole new level of functionality. As we said, such a display can be found on the Apple Watch and inside the trackpad of Apple's newest Macbook.

source: UDN (translated) via GForGames

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