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New resolution on iPhone 4 makes pixels hard to see

New resolution on iPhone 4 makes pixels hard to see
As you can see from the pictures below, the iPhone 4 has an amazingly clear and easy to read display. The 640 x 960 resolution beats out all current cellphone models, and when you consider that the iPhone's screen remains at 3.5 inches vs. 3.7 to 4.3 inches for the competition, the number of Pixels Per Inch is high enough to make reading text and looking at web pages a visual dream on the handset. Before the new model was introduced, there were some who believed Apple would put an AMOLED screen on its next-generation phone. Many of the newer Android models like the HTC Droid Incredible have sharp displays with colors that pop, thanks to the AMOLED screens manufactured by Samsung. But it seems to have been a wise decision for Apple to stick to the LCD screen as the newer displays are known to wash out in direct sunlight. Also, with Samsung unable to make enough of the displays to meet demand, a production line traffic jam has occurred making it extremely hard to find a Droid Incredible in stock at Verizon as we recently reported. While it is hard to tell from a photograph, the resolution on the iPhone 4 appears to be crisp and the New York Times web page can almost be completely read without resorting to zooming in on the site. And with the pixels as small as they are, your eyes can't breakdown the letters into those annoying dots. But is it enough to make you rush out and pick up the phone on launch day?

Apple iPhone 4 Resolution
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sources: 9to5Mac


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