New prank that uses Siri could end up with you in jail

New prank that uses Siri could end up with you in jail
The cops are warning iPhone users not to fall for the latest prank involving Siri. It seems that those rockin' an iPhone are being encouraged to say "108" to Siri. A typical post might tell you that saying that number to Siri will elicit a joke from the voice-activated virtual personal assistant, or transfer money into your bank account. However, when Siri hears the number 108, she thinks that your life is in danger and starts a five-second countdown before calling 911.

The reason why this works is fairly simple. 108 is the emergency number that is used in India. Apple wants it to be easy for iPhone users to call for help no matter where they are in the world. So in the same way that an American calling 911 in the U.K. will connect to that region's 999 emergency number, giving Siri the number 108 will result in an automatic call to 911 in the states.

Needless to say, police departments across the country are upset because the prank is tying up 911 from coast to coast. In the same vein, saying the numbers 112, 110, 999 and 000 to Siri in the U.S. will also end up up with the phone making a time wasting call to 911. That is because these numbers connect a caller with emergency services in other countries. According to various police departments, anyone tying up 911 by calling the service without a real emergency taking place could be committing a criminal act.

source: OregonLive,


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