New concept phone allows you to record and mix three audio tracks

New phone allows you to record and mix three tracks of audio
The Beatles recorded Sgt. Pepper using a 4 track tape recorder. They might not have been able to record the same album using the Ondo music editing phone, but they might have come close. The Ondo is a cellphone concept announced by a German based company called Pilotfish and allows the user to record and mix three separate tracks of audio. The device is comprised of three removable sticks. When used as a phone, the sticks stay together to make up the OLED display for the unit and when separated into three individual microphones, each one is clipped onto a musical instrument or a person and the live sounds are recorded. After mixing, the sounds can be sent to other musicians around the world via MMS for them to jam along with. The recorded sounds can be changed by bending the phone, which gives the same vibrato effect as a guitarist using his whammy bar. The handset can also be used in "party mode" to become a digital mixer to create smooth transitions between songs. Since the manufacturer doesn't expect to bring the Ondo to market for a few years, there was no word on carrier availability or pricing. Imagine recording and mixing a hit LP on a cellphone. It truly is getting better all the time.

source: Pilotfish via PhoneScoop

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