New app for iOS lets you save Snapchat pictures and videos without alerting the sender

New app for iOS lets you save Snapchat pictures and videos without alerting the sender
Sure, we know that iOS 7 in its current form has pretty much disabled how Snapchat notifies senders that a recipient has taken a screen-shot of the otherwise very temporary image or video. However, innovation stands still for no man, so it is safe to assume that the folks at Snapchat are working on a solution to counter the new reality in iOS 7. Moreover, we are still living in an iOS 6 world so this app has some viability.

That innovation cuts both ways because now there is Snap Save for Snapchat, a free app that allows you to capture pictures or video without the sender being notified.

The set-up is pretty simple, and the execution is also just as simple. If you are that dead-set on keeping all those pictures and videos, Snap Save for Snapchat is the way to go. There is a bit of a compromise though. You have to use the app to receive your pictures and video messages, but if you want to send one, you still have to use the regular Snapchat app.

Snap Save for Snapchat lets you sign in using your Snapchat ID, then you simply open the snap within the app and the app saves the content. If you opt for the ad-free upgrade ($2.99), you will be able to save the content to your photo-gallery too.

Another compromise is that using Snap Save for Snapchat also logs you out of the app since you are only allowed one active session at a time. One workaround is to check “remember password” in the Snapchat app while you bounce back and forth between apps.

Is it a perfect solution? Not really, and we do not know if Snapchat will be able to create a workaround for the iOS 7 environment, but if you are that enthralled with all the juicy pictures and videos you get via Snapchat and you are not using a beta version of iOS 7, Snap Save for Snapchat might be for you. For those that like to send all sorts of naughty pics, this might be a nightmare come true.

sources: Snap Save for Snapchat (iTunes) via BetaBeat

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