New Zealand banning the use of navigation aid on phones while driving

New Zealand banning the use of navigation aid on phones while driving
We all know that it's frowned upon to talk or text on a phone while operating a motor vehicle – especially when you hear about these fatal accidents caused by mobile phones. Now just about everyone uses some kind of GPS device, either a standalone one or your handset, to help guide you get to your destination. Fortunately for us here in the US, it's okay to use GPS enabled devices to help us navigate – unless you're constantly inputing information to it while driving. In New Zealand though, their Transport Ministry has placed a ban on looking at navigation aid on a mobile phone while driving as well as using a smartphone based- in-car navigation systems. Even if you're using a turn-by-turn GPS application on your phone that's mounted to the dashboard, it'll still be considered illegal under the new law. The only acceptable thing is placing your handset in a cradle while driving – and only to make or receive calls. So make sure to keep your phone in your pocket at all times while driving if you're planning a trip to New Zealand – don't risk it by using it to get directions.

via Cellular-News


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