New Size Compare Visualization feature - Check it out!

New Size Compare Visualization feature - Check it out!

We have completed the latest cool feature, designed to give you an easier assessment of the actual phone dimensions – Size Compare Visualization. Team is proud to announce that this is the first such feature on the Web (with real phone images, not just rectangular shapes)! Now you can compare the phones’ size only by looking at them next to each other, without wondering if a number that indicates part of an inch will make the device really bigger.

Click here to test it out and give us your opinion and suggestions! Please send them to or via our linked form. Use the Comments section in case there is something unclear about the tool. Please, keep in mind that still not all phones are available for the size comparison, yet. And don’t forget, the feature has just been launched, so bugs and issues are possible.

The Size Compare feature can be accessed from the "Size Visualization tab". If such tab is not shown, it means that particular phone currently cannot be size-compared. Very soon the Size Compare feature will be available from the main Compare Menu as well.

Shortcut to size compare feature




1. unregistered

Great idea

2. unregistered

I love it!

3. shard43 unregistered

Holy cow, I didn't know the N95 was smaller than the Razr2!

4. lollie unregistered

does any! know if the samsung intercep is any good

5. Poizn

Posts: 1; Member since: Mar 21, 2011

Hey fellas, I found a bug with the Size Compare Visualization tool: Check this out: Seems the current sizes are W-L-D instead of L-W-D thats why the comparison looks that weird. ;)

6. prinz unregistered

very helpful,great thanks a lot.

7. wicketewoky unregistered

Thank you so much for making this tool! You have made my pursemaking life a lot easier:)

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