New Pocket PC from HTC - the Wizard


Information about new Pocket PC running on Microsoft Windows Mobile operating system leaked on FCC website. The phone is dual-band GSM (850/1900MHz), but we guess that it would also feature EGSM bands (900/1800MHz) making it quad-band GSM phone or that at least there would be EGSM version of the device for Europe. The device has full QWERTY keyboard that slides from its side. This allows more space, compared to the bottom slide of its predecessor (known as Siemens SX66 in the US). When the device is closed it has four-way navigation key (plus center key), and 6 additional keys, which allow the device to be operated with one hand as a phone. It can use WiFi (802.11b), Bluetooth, and Infrared port to connect to other devices or to synchronize with a computer. On the FCC website the photos reveal 3 types of the device, which are based on the same platform, but would be sold under different model numbers. WIZA100 and WIZA 110 are in the same design, but the difference consists of that the 100 has a built-in 1.3-megapixel camera with led flash on its back. WIZA200 features the same built-in camera as the 100 model, but is in slightly different design targeting younger audience.
All three devices have T-Mobile labeled keys, so we guess it would be available from T-Mobile, but still there is no information if this is T-Mobile USA or T-Mobile Europe. We guess different versions of the devices will be picked up by other carriers around the world, as the previous models of HTC devices.


Source: FCC

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