New PhoneArena features: Pros & Cons and Rivals

New PhoneArena features: Pros & Cons and Rivals
One of the main pillars our site is built on is information. Being informative is in the core of our work here, so we're constantly looking for ways to provide you with even more tools and features, so that you can get to the info that's of utmost interest to you as quickly as possible.

In this line of thought, we've just launched some new features that we hope will make it easier for you to discover the good and bad sides of a handset. Not only this, but we've now included a special zone where you'll get to see useful specs comparisons between rivaling handsets. But let us not waste any more time and get right to the point!

Specs Pros & Cons

First on the list is the new Pros & Cons section of the phone specs page.

As you can see from the screenshot, here we'll list the most significant highlights of this device - its signature strong and weak sides, as far as specs are concerned. So, you won't find something like "Plasticy feel" here, but you will be notified if the handset is extraordinarily bulky, or short on RAM. Conversely, you'll also see if a device is doing especially well in terms of processor speed, dimensions and a lot of other stuff.

So, in general, this new functionality of the site allows you to get an almost instant idea of what's to love or hate about a particular device.


Now, let's move on to the next new treat for you! It's called Rivals. You can access Rivals from the new tab that we've added right next to the Specs tab of a phone/tablet. What this new functionality does is to let you choose among a device's rivals (the rivals are those devices that the device in question has been compared to the most using our Specs Comparison tool), and then get to see a comparison between the positive and negative sides of each device. Here's a screenshot to illustrate it:

This is what you'll see if you visit the Galaxy S II's Rivals page, and then choose one of its biggest rivals - the iPhone 4S. In this case, in the "Samsung Galaxy S II-specific Pros & Cons" area, we're showing you those pros and cons (in terms of specs) of the device, which are not shared with the handset that it's being compared to. The same goes for the iPhone 4S-specific Pros & Cons. Obviously those specs pros and cons which are the same for both handsets are being shown in the "Common for both Pros & Cons" section.

What we aim with Rivals is to let you easily spot the differences between two devices, when it comes to some of the more significant aspects of their specifications. We hope it will be useful to you!

Now, how about you tell us what you think of these new site features? We're just dying for your feedback!


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