Need to make a Pit Stop while navigating to a destination? Google Maps for iOS has you covered

Need to make a Pit Stop while navigating to a destination? Google Maps for iOS has you covered
Whether you need to avail yourself of a bathroom quickly, or you are close to running out of gas, making a last second pit stop in an area you are not familiar with can be stressful. But an update to Google Maps for iOS can help you whether nature is calling, or your car's fuel gauge is on "E." In the past, you would have had to exit navigation mode, ask Google Maps to show you the way to the nearest service station, and when done, restart the navigation to the original destination.

In October, Google Maps for Android added a feature that allows users to create detours to their route without having to leave navigation mode. This way, a detour to a service station to empty the bladder or fill the fuel tank wouldn't require you to exit out of navigation mode and restart the process. Today, that feature has been added to the iOS version of the app. In addition, this "pit stop" feature will now be available in the 100+ countries where Google Maps offers turn-by-turn navigation.

If you have an iOS device running Google Maps, and you're in navigation mode, tap the magnifying glass in the top right of the screen. A menu will appear with some options like Gas Stations, Restaurants, Grocery Stores and Coffee Shops. If your detour is for something else, you can use the search option to find the necessary detour. When you click on one of the results, you will see estimated arrival times for each location. This way, you can find which Starbucks is the closest. And all of this is available without being forced to exit navigation mode.

This means that Google Maps reduces stress levels for iOS and Android users who need to make a quick, but temporary, change in plans.

source: Google via MacRumors


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