NY Giants did the legwork for Apple's word-of-mouth marketing at the Super Bowl

NY Giants did the legwork for Apple's word-of-mouth marketing at the Super Bowl
The Street's wacky host Jim Cramer seems to have come to the same conclusion as all of us watching the Super Bowl on Sunday and being even remotely interested in the mobile phone industry. That Apple saves so much on marketing due to the cult status of its gadgets that the rest of the competition is probably green in the face with this fact.

In the game's aftershots, the New York Giants were naturally given oodles of airtime as the reigning World Champions of the NFL. So many players whipped out their iPhones and started calling, texting, or just fumbling around with them for the world to see, that the cumulative airtime Apple's finest got was probably worth many millions of dollars.

What's more important, this is the kind of word-of-mouth marketing and unscripted usage of your product during one of the happiest occasions in the life of an NFL player (talking about the winning team here) that companies would gladly pay for millions anyway. Not to mention the random halftime crew member that crashed the celebration and kissed the trophy, videotaping himself with his iPhone all the time in front of NBC's cameras.

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