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NVIDIA Shield 2 to feature Tegra K1 SoC, 4GB RAM, 900p resolution?


NVIDIA's next Shield Android-based,hand-held console appears to be in full-blown testing mode. Thedevice has emerged on AnTuTu benchmark, sporting fearsome specs. TheShield 2 prototype runs on a 2.5GHz quad-core Tegra K1 CPU bundledwith a whopping 4GB RAM. Considering that the last console generationhad to make do with 512MB RAM, and the current generation Sony andMicrosoft consoles have 8GB RAM each, it will be very interesting tosee what NVIDIA's mobile gaming technology is up to.

The device has a purported resolutionof 1440x810, which probably means 1440x900 (WXGAII) sans the 90pxallotted to the Android software navigation buttons. The resolutionamounts to a 16:10 wide-screen display of unknown size. We reckonNVIDIA won't go past 6 inches if it wants to keep a sensible handheldprofile, but who knows.

Previously, we've seen the K1 SoCobtain a godlike 43,851 result in the AnTuTu benchmark, blowing theSnapdragon 801 CPU out of the water and probably capable enough tobeat the Snapdragon 805 when Qualcomm unleashes it. Alas, making sucha powerful CPU manageable in terms of energy consumption and heatdissipation is a task that NVIDIA is yet to prove it can handleoutside of its test facilities.

There's no word about when the Shield 2will arrive on the market, but we will keep you posted.

via GFor Games

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