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NEC launches NECmobile.com to compliment its GPRS mobile phone

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The service, exclusive to owners of the DB7000, consists of a WEB site, where content can be created, and a WAP site, where content can be selected and downloaded onto the phone. Four types of content can be downloaded; Ring Tunes, Wallpaper, Phonebook Pictures and Animations. NECmobile.com allows users to download a variety of content, including ring tunes. Thanks to the DB7000's 16-channel harmony ringer, the ring tunes are of a significantly higher quality than standard phones. Instead of a single instrument melody, the DB7000 boasts 16 simultaneous instruments and full-bodied sound for effects and melodies. NECmobile.com also presents users with three new exciting types of graphics (Wallpaper, Phonebook Pictures and Animations), all of which are supported by the DB7000 and all of which can be downloaded completely free of charge. The phone features Wallpapers (256 colours and 110 x 120 pixels), similar to PC wallpaper; Phonebook Pictures that are assigned to people or groups in the DB7000 phonebook; and 10-frame Animations, which are played each time the phone is switched on. Each time a call or SMS message is received, the designated Phonebook Picture appears on the LCD screen, rather than just a name, as is the case with most traditional phones. The wide ranges of ring tunes, Wallpaper, Phonebook Pictures and Animations available free on NECmobile.com are non-copyrightable, with unrestricted access and an unlimited amount of downloads available. Call charges apply to users. NECmobile.com offers its users two important content zones in which to work - the Public Zone and the Private Zone. In the Public Zone, users can browse and select content provided by NEC, before downloading their choice. The Private Zone is the section of NECmobile.com where users can be creative on their PCs by producing their own content, such as graphics and ring tunes, using the tools supplied. Users can import and convert JPEG and GIF images into NECmobile.com for downloading on the DB7000, and may view their choices on a real-sized depiction of the phone's screen before making their final selection. NECmobile.com has been developed with support of Digiplug. Digiplug has widespread experience in providing logos and ring tunes, making them the ideal partner for NEC in providing this unique service.

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