N-Mark is the brand name of NFC

N-Mark is the brand name of NFC
NFC is a technology that allows for secure transfers of encrypted information over small distances. It can turn your handset into a proper device for paying bills and buying various products, say, public transport tickets and travel cards. Apparently the guys over at NFC-Forum do not particularly like the abbreviation NFC, so they have come up with N-Mark – the brand name behind the logo that all objects utilizing the technology will be provided with. We like the stylized N indeed and hope to see it more often, since this will be a clear sign the technology is no longer a great concept only, but has matured and become a usable solution.

source: NFC-Forum via IntoMobile


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1. cansler

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Sort of like E-Crypt Blackberries will be using. It's a small startup company that is trying to provide secure information transfers. I wonder if they are one and the same?

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