Motorola presents a diamond handsfree

Motorola presents a diamond handsfree
Last week at the MWC, Motorola showcased a variant of the Motopure H12 Bluetooth headset incrusted with diamonds and gold. There actually are two choices of the bling-bling gadget, adorned with white or yellow 18K gold in addition to the 184 shiny diamonds. The diamonds can be black, pink or white. The estimated price of the basic model is about 5 grand and to own the high-end model you’ll have to spend around 17.

via: SlashPhone



1. Matt unregistered

This is the biggest waste of money I have ever seen. These headsets will be outdate in like 5 days. I would like to punch any jackass that is stupid enough to buy this.

2. Dundy o' unregistered

Hey, hey, I just bought two, one for each ear. Very shiny and I am happy with the purchase, a little heavy though.

3. DeeBee unregistered

Those two babes are pimpin, my G will go nutz bout em...shhh dont tell her

4. Eric Lamlenn unregistered

at last somethin Flava Flav can relate with.Yeeeeaah Boyyyy!! I got a wall clock on my chest and bling bluetooths on each ear.

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