Motorola plans to address DROID X volume issues in an "upcoming" software release

Motorola plans to address DROID X volume issues in an "upcoming" software release
The voices of many newly minted Motorola DROID X owners have been heard after numerous reports came flooding in regarding the lack of ample volume with the ringer and speakerphone. Naturally this can become an issue for those who experienced missing that all too important phone call you cannot miss out on. Thankfully Motorola is going to address the issue and pointed out in a forum post that the company aims to address the volume issues in an “upcoming” software release. However, it explicitly does not say whether it'll be a standalone update or something that will be bundled together with something bigger; such as the upcoming Android 2.2 Froyo update. Still, we'd imagine a quick fix to it could be released very quickly and could possibly be pushed out even before they release the Froyo update, but hey, at least they included a listing to some of the loudest ringtones out there.

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