Motorola ic502 - the first dual-mode phone for Sprint Nextel

Motorola ic502 - the first dual-mode phone for Sprint Nextel

The FCC just approved the new ic502 – this is the first phone to feature both iDEN and CDMA frequencies, which was expected after Sprint and Nextel merged. It has also been called the Motorola RACER phone in earlier rumors. This hybrid device is an entry-level Sprint phone in rugged design, popular from previous Nextel phones.  It supports “Walkie-Talkie” and 1900MHz CDMA for making calls in Sprint network or CDMA roaming. It lacks 800MHz CDMA band and EV-DO high-speed data. Ic502 has phonebook with capacity of 900 contacts; it features alarm, calendar, voice recording and speakerphone.

Source: FCC; thanks to 2%Milk



1. robert walton unregistered

i carry both a phone with sprint service & I also carry a boost phone for walkie talkie service I would like to carry just one phone ic502 how can i get one?????

2. Kristen unregistered

Just call up Sprint customer service and tell them that you got in offer in the mail to try it. The give it to you as a free upgrade and renew your contract for another 2 years. I run a business and just ordered them for all my employees, we get a 30 day trial period.

3. Amanda unregistered

The phone is great I just got it yesterday (2/8/07). There is a lot of neat things too it and a nice phone and good things about it :)

4. todd unregistered

we were sold this phone for non-EVDO data services and have had problems with it since day one. Give other people some time to work out the bugs first. This phone won't be great until the next generation.

5. matt unregistered

The ic502 is great, no issues. Batt was kinda bad but then I did the phone upgrade over the phone and it worked out great

6. Steve unregistered

I have 2-phones one is working great! The other is not good at all. Will not take a charge nor will it hold a charge. After doing everything Nextel\Sprint said do I stiil have a piece of junk. It too 9 different people to get any help. Let someone deal with this phone for a while before you buy. P.S. They are sending me a new phone @ regular price and will credit me back in 60-90 days after they get my phone returned to them. Meanwhile I have paid for a third phone. Can't wait

7. joe unregistered

I am glad you have nothing better to do with your lives than comment on phone qualities. Stop wasting my air!

8. kelly unregistered

We've had nothing but problems since we recieved these phones in Nov. Sprint/Nextel is suppose to be sending us out new phones tomorrow.

9. Damian unregistered

I upgraded from the i530. The ic502 handles messaging better more customization overall. The major downside is the battery life about 24 hrs, mostly on stad by before you need to recharge. I will say the reception / clarity is great. Speaker phone = excellent volume, nice compact design.

10. unregistered

note to all: even tech agents hate this phone. you are all just test rats

11. duane emmons unregistered

junk two way was bad talk to one person next time you press the button you get a different contact change time zones and phone takes 120 miles before it changed took phone back and they gave me another one same thing cancelled and went back to nextel

12. Encrypted unregistered

The phone appears solid with toughbook style design. Service is excellent due to sprint/nextel combination. Maintains service even in the most hardened airport terminals (Cell phone dark zone). Received these phones in april 2007, with new software onboard. Would definatley recommend.

13. Itch unregistered

i just change my blend (ic402) for the ic502 silver, the 402 works just great i have service even when im down in tijuana, is almost same thing but 502 has that 2nd screen that 402 is missing... i changed it cause i get used to that external screen that i always had before... sprint/nextel coverage is great and the phone is really cool..

14. DARPA Scientist unregistered

The ic502 is a very rugged phone that meets military specifications for dust, temperature extremes and bad weather - ideal for contractors, people that frequent the shore or lakes and rough kids. The phone works great using the superior Sprint PCS CDMA network for voice and data and uses the superior Nextel iDen service for all 2way walkie talkie calls. The military specs was one of the selling points for me as well as the small size in comparison to other Nextel units. No need for all the gadgets on this unit - not all people need super high-res screens and cameras! If you need this you can get the ic902 which is the high end dual mode phone with MP3, high res and all that less the military specs from what I can tell. Awesome phone - now when they get it to work with Readylink people the merger will be complete!

15. Martha D. unregistered

I cannot believe a corporation of On July 30, I sent my IC502 in to Motorola to be repaired. (Might I also add that I purchased this phone, and two others EXACTLY like it in March). I have had nothing but trouble with the phone. I called Sprint, who is my carrier who advised me that that since I was just beyond my 30 days warranty, Motorola would have to take care of the problem. I was told to send the phone in and they would repair it or replace it...either way, I Would hear from someone within 7 days. 13 days went by and nobody called me so I called and was told the "Escalations Department" would call me back as it has taken an unusually long time and they would just send me a new phone. Nobody called...but ironically, I received my phone the next day in a Fed Ex baggie or envelope with a note that said they would not fix my phone because it was not a manufacturing defect. (yet this phone is supposed to be rugged)When I received the phone back from them, it was in five pieces...not how I sent it to them. I immediately called and reported this to their "wonderful customer care department" who once again said "someone from Escalation department will call you". This time, someone did call. I explained the whole thing to the guy, who said he would send a pick up ticket for Fed Ex to come pick up the broken phone and as soon as he had confirmation that Fed Ex had picked up the phone, he would immediately send me a new phone. That was August 17, August 18 Fed Ex came, and Here, now September 27, I am STILL waiting for someone to CALL me back or send me a new phone. I am so frustrated I have resorted to calling their stupid messed up customer service department daily to reiterate my frustration. I find it very odd that they would employ such a large number of goobs who can only say "I am very sorry you had this problem I will forward your complaint to the escalations department" many people do they ACTUALLY need to do that? They are absolutely no help whatsoever, so what purpose do they serve? I have called every number I can find, and nobody can help me...they either don't handle issues with that phone or all they can do is forward me to someone else. I also find it odd that there are no phones in the escalations department. Every time I have called, they are courteous enough to ask me if they can help me with anything else, and now I have just started saying "yes, you can forward my call to someone who knows where the escalations department is, if there really is one, or someone who can give me some answers besides the bull that I have been getting the last two months. My quest for resolution will not stop here. I am simply choosing another outlet to voice my frustration with this product, and Motorola's services. If I ever do get a phone call...if I ever do get the phone replaced....I am wondering how much longer before the two other motorola phones I purchased will stop functioning. I can only hope that someone other than the "all mighty and powerful Oz" knows what to do with my complaint other than drop it in the trash. Save your money, give up on the walkie talkie and buy a Nokia or anything else, but don't buy a Motorola because they don't stand behind their product.

16. unregistered

I had better reception with I530 and the ring tones where much louder then the Ic502.

17. John unregistered

I complained about Nextel and they offer this phone. I tried it out 5 dropped calls in the first day. going from a Nextel to this was not a treat ,stupid graphics looks like this thing shoul dbe in the hands of a five year old. and what happend to normal ringers this thing has one semi normal one on it and a bunch of stupid music tones stay away from this phone huge peice of junk as if Nextel was not bad enough sprint had to come in and screw it up even worse

18. HATE SPRINT unregistered

1st let me say that we had service with Nextel for years with no problems until they merged with Sprint...We bought 3 phones in May 2 Ic402s and 1 Ic502. Right off the bat we've had horrible service problems. With 1 of the 402s- 9 out of 10 calls say they cannot connect..Yet, the person I'm calling will show that I've called them and hung up before they could answer...?? Then my other 402 started just randomly shutting off and at times will vibrate continuously until either the battery dies or it's shut off. Blame this on a texting-fool of a teenager if you want, afterall, I did...That is until all 3 of our phones now randomly power off at any given time. With my 402 it's usually when I receive a text or an alert saying I have a new voicemail. Sometimes we wonder how long the phones have been off before we really notice. But, my poor husband's 502 has it the worst...every single time he has an incoming call, text, or a two-way alert, his phone shuts down as he's opening it. We've got insurance to cover these phones, however they are advising us that it is a manufacturer defect and will not replace the phones. We've been in contact with Motorola who says it's an issue with Sprint/Nextel and they will not do anything. We literally spend 10-14 hours a week on the phone with anyone and everyone who seems so eager to help us, yet no one can ever help!!! The idiots at Sprint are such trained monkeys that I've gotten to where I can say their exact response to my question as it's rolling out of their retarded mouths...(they don't much like that, but it's entertaining to me)! Martha D, I so sympathize with you!!!! Sprint has the absolute worst customer service I've ever experienced in my entire life. We paid well over $200 each for the phones to begin with (along with $7/month each for insurance - for nothing apparently)....I just can't see having to replace them after only 6months - and paying full price AGAIN plus the outrageous charges to activate the service. I'm truly at my witt's end with these people and think we are just going to have to cancel our service and bite the bullet and pay the cancellation fees and move onto another company that may respect having us as a customer....I just wanted to vent - ahhh

19. Alfred unregistered

i dont know where to start and there is no room to write the all the problems i am geting from this junk phone IC502.

20. AL unregistered

ic502 drops call and many times it freezzz then i have to turn it off and back on to be able to call or recive a call.

21. unregistered

i hat this P.O.S. i have had one before the sprint stores got them in and it does not work as well as eather a sprint or a nextel phone alone the cell phone service is not as good as the nextel alone phones and the ptt is a peace of sh!# the battery life sucks and the customer service from sprint is even worse. it took over 2 hrs to get this thing connected the right way. if you do get one the best peace of advice i can give you is when you call sprint ask of the hybrid department at the beginning of your call. thay might know how to fix your phone but i doubt it

22. Hate this phone unregistered

This phone is absolutely NOT user friendly AT ALL. We upgraded recently from the i710 and are totally unhappy with the is502. It's JUNK!!! Do NOT buy these phones!

23. Suzanne Davis unregistered

How do you determine how many minutes have been used on each call? My old nextel shows that when you disconnect. Thanks to anyone who can help me with that.

24. Lucio unregistered

I have had 3 of the ic402 for a year, the problems i still have are the mini usb port & the battery; the reception and all features are great, even while visiting Baja i wasnt charged for Roaming, as long as it indicates Sprint Service you wont pay for roaming. they should come standard batery & charger port.

25. misty unregistered

my signal is so bad my message says im either not available OR I DON'T HAVE A SIGNAL.. how bad is that??? Bad!

26. unregistered

Wow! Lot of bad comments. I love my ic502! No problems at all and great reception.

27. Wblac1 unregistered

Hello to All, I need the back cover, Where can i get parts? Help. Steve

28. unregistered

I've had no problems with the phone at, and I've had this phone since it came out. its just so big and bulky and really ugly. I hate it. Everywhere I go I get made fun of it since I'm like a preppy teenage girl. hahah :]

29. unregistered

Have two of these for a year now. Very little problems! Good features but the buttons wear out fast.(You have to push them hard for them to work.)

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