Motorola XOOM Wi-Fi only models don't have access to the new Movies hub yet

Motorola XOOM Wi-Fi only models don't have access to the new Movies hub yet
At this point, there’s no denying that Verizon owners of the Motorola XOOM are indeed getting the best tasting from Google – especially when they’re the first to sample Android 3.1 Honeycomb and its new set of features. One of them specifically is the ability to rent videos through the new “Movies” hub within the Android Market, but for XOOM Wi-Fi only models, it has been deliberately omitted from the tablet’s new update.

Naturally, the roll out of the Motorola XOOM’s Android 3.1 Honeycomb update is proceeding normally, but for some strange and unknown reason, the Wi-Fi  only version of the XOOM is locked out from experiencing movie rentals. Sadly, there is no concrete reason as to why this is happening, but rather, it’s simply confirmed and made known though Motorola’s Support Forums. However, there is still some light at the end of the tunnel since it appears that it’ll be available in the near future.

From the sound of it all, we’ll have to wait several weeks before the feature in enabled.  The statement on the support forums says, “The new Movies tab in the Android Market will not appear on updated Wi-Fi-only Motorola Xooms immediately after the update. Google will make that available in the near future. Motorola Xooms from Verizon will be able to use the Movies service after the 3.1 update.”

source: Motorola Support Forums via Electronista

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