Motorola Touchless Control now lets you unlock your PIN with your voice

Motorola Touchless Control now lets you unlock your PIN with your voice
The Motorola lineup keeps getting better, and the flagship feature - Touchless Control - is the focus of today's update. Yesterday, we saw the Motorola camera updated with a couple of new-ish features; but today, Motorola updated Touchless Control to work better if you have a PIN lock set on your device.

Now, if you have a numerical PIN set on your device, you'll still be able to perform various searches or voice commands without unlocking your phone first. And, if you want to do something more in-depth that requires you unlock your device, you can simply speak your PIN number. Obviously, both of these options pose certain security risks, so the feature isn't completely active after you update the app. You will be able to place calls without unlocking your device, but other functions like Google searches and setting reminders, will need to be enabled in order to work without unlocking. As far as the security risk of speaking your PIN number aloud... we hope you would know how to sort out that risk. 

The change log also states that the update is "Compatible only with Android 4.4 KitKat." We assume that this means the new PIN control features require Android 4.4, not that the entire app has been updated to only support Android 4.4. It would be very odd if Motorola would suddenly break compatibility with its new DROID lineup, which has yet to see the KitKat update.

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