Motorola Stereo Speaker Moto Mod hands-on


There's no denying that Lenovo's line of Moto Mods now encompasses a sprawling mix of add-ons, with the latest one focusing on the audio side of things. The collection is no stranger when it comes to that, seeing that it currently offers the JBL SoundBoost 2, Moto Smart Speaker with Amazon Alexa, and even the first-generation JBL SoundBoost. Knowing that, most people would probably think that the addition of the Moto Stereo Speaker would just compound its offerings, but it does feature some unique qualities that differentiates it.

Much like all the other Moto Mods, the Moto Stereo Speaker just needs to be snapped onto the back of a smartphone in the Moto Z family – like the Moto Z2 Force in our case here. There's no additional app to download, or options to set up in order to connect. Simply, it just works, which is the beauty about these Moto Mods. With the magnetic connection, it ensures a firm connection to the smartphone, but can also easily be taken off by prying it apart from the bottom – where the notch is located.

Unlike some of the other Moto Mod speakers that have been made available previously, the Moto Stereo Speaker is notable for the fact that it taps into the phone's battery for power – as opposed to its own. This, of course, simply means that there's no need to constantly recharge the speaker, seeing that all the power is supplied by the connected smartphone. Convenience is ensured here with this particular speaker!

There's a ring positioned around the distinctive Motorola logo on the speaker, which actually can be pulled out to reveal a nifty kickstand to prop it up along with the smartphone. It also allows the speaker to better distribute its audio because of how it can bounce off the surface it's on – instead of just being emitted into the open air. Speaking of its audio, the quality we have to admit is pretty powerful, conjuring solid punch of bass when it's playing tracks with heavy beats.

Indeed, it's able to muster up that kind of power because the Moto Stereo Speaker does add some serious bulk to the Moto Z2 Force. Gone is the sleek look of the phone's chassis, so if you intend of carrying it around with the Moto Stereo Speaker attached, it'll undoubtedly show in your pockets. It's chunky, that's for sure, but then you have the added benefit of blasting your tunes or sharing a video with others.

It's currently available for $59.99 through Lenovo's web site, which is slightly less than the JBL SoundBoost 2 Moto Mod. That's not too shabby of a price point, given that it's a brand-new offering and doesn't require to be recharged.

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