Motorola ROKR E8 approved by FCC

Motorola ROKR E8 approved by FCC
The FCC approved the still-unannounced Motorola ROKR E8, which will be one of the next generation music-targeted phones of the brand. Although the FCC site doesn’t reveal much information, we know some details thanks to the information that leaked back in August. Additionally, the yet-unannounced phone also appeared in Fergie’s video “Clumsy” in October, proving that this is a real model.

By its form-factor, the E8 reminds of the Q9h/Q9h smartphones as it is slim and wide, with landscape display, but instead of QWERTY keyboard it has a unique one that illuminates different keys depending on the used application. For example, in the music player, the numeric keys are not available but there are additional music shortcuts.

Motorola ROKR E8 Specifications

source: FCC



1. unregistered

I like how Moto reused the Q9 design on this.

2. random unregistered

what are you talking about, looks nothing like it.

3. unregistered

Look at the Q9h/Q Global for At&T. It has the same shape. The only differences are the keys, screen and speaker.

4. Teo unregistered

This has the Typical Motorola Shape. Not a whole lot of difference between this phone and the Slvr design. With the Kepad bare, any Moto phoen will look like this. Wether Candy Bar style or Clamshell style. The difference is that the q9 is larger.

5. unregistered

omfg it has silver ring and an edge HAHAH OMFG it looks liek every other motorola HAHA rawr lol keke lala~ #1 needs to go back to design school basics of first grade. just because it has silver on it and is flat does not mean it is the reused design

6. unregistered

looks like a MotoFone F3

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