Motorola ROKR E8 has unique keyboard!

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Motorola ROKR E8 has unique keyboard!
A Chinese webpage published the first images of a still not announced Motorola music phone. It is part of the ROKR series and under the model E8 but brings its own unique design which makes it stand out of the crowd. When looked by the side it resembles the Q9h by the slim profile but the front side is something totally new thanks to the strange keyboard. Instead of actual keys it has just “buds” over the flat surface and the characters must be illuminated to show. The even stranger fact is shown in the dark images – in standby mode there are the standard navigation keys and the numeric buttons but when the multimedia player is opened they hide and music-dedicated shortcuts are illuminated to attract the attention.

Although there is not much information on the E8, it seems the new Motorola phone will use Linux-Java OS (as the RAZR2 V8) optimized for the QVGA landscape display. The internal memory is 2GB (expandable via microSD card), the camera is 2-megapixels and it most probably supports Stereo Bluetooth. E8 has 3.5mm jack for stereo headphones and microUSB for charging and synchronization which in other Moto phones is also used for connecting the headphones.

We will publish additional information as soon as we have some. If you know something, feel free to share it with us!

source: via Mobil Idnes



1. Rob Stewart unregistered

Looks like previous SCPL pics on the side...

2. George tan unregistered

Looks fancy!

3. timun unregistered

wow..interesting keypad..looking forward to playing with the fon

4. niiice unregistered

looks real nice..features are pretty cool too..the jog dial's majorly attractive..want it! any idea when its supposed to be launched in india..? n whats the price gonna be like?

10. arun unregistered

i bought the piece on 27th oct 2008,iam from andhra pradesh,its cost is 13,999 but u can get it for arond 13000

5. unregistered

This is shown in Fergie's new video "Clumsy" at around 3:12...

6. unregistered

this is true

7. stevo5 unregistered

this phone has attracted me dearly. now the only problem is when will it be out and how much will it be?

8. e8owner unregistered

the phone is released already. i got mine recently.. excellent design and signal quality is far better than other moto fones. and it sure does turn heads... damn cool !!

9. unregistered

dose the e8 has Internet, if it dose, dose the e8 need the Internet for the phone to work just like the blackberry preal?dose the e8 has email?

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