Motorola Moto X beats the competition in LTE connectivity test

Motorola Moto X beats the competition in LTE connectivity test
A high-end smartphone could look cool and have a giant screen with high resolution, but if the connectivity with your carrier's LTE pipeline isn't any good, you might as well be carrying a brick. Signals Research Group decided to test some of the top Android smartphones available such as the Samsung Galaxy S4, Samsung GALAXY Note II, HTC One, LG G2 and the Motorola Moto X.

Under a number of different scenarios, the Moto X outperformed the competition and on average, maintained a 35% higher throughput than the other handsets. The Moto X also can keep a connection at a signal level 9db lower than its rivals. And to be fair, we should point out that the Moto X was tested over Verizon's 700MHz LTE band 13 while the others were using AT&T's 700MHz LTE band 17. But Michael Thelander, founder and CEO of Signals Research, said that the Moto X would have performed the same over AT&T's pipeline.

This was not a quickie. In fact, network speed wasn't even the point of the test. Each phone was placed in an echo-free chamber for 14.4 hours and subjected to 860 minute-length tests. Different angles and power levels were tested. As Thelander notes, information about connectivity is important for everyone using a particular network because one inefficient device can negatively impact everyone else using the same pipeline.

source: SignalsResearch via FierceWireless

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