Motorola DROID to get Froyo July 13th?

Motorola DROID to get Froyo July 13th?
With Nexus One users running around using Flash 10.1 on their browser, owners of Android 2.1 models can't help but be jealous. Most of the models at 2.1 will be joining the N-One possibly as soon as this quarter. The next phone on the list to get Android 2.2 is the Motorola DROID. Reports are circulating that July 13th will be the date when DROID owners can expect the OTA upgrade that will give the unit Flash capabilities and a speed bump among other things. The date is interesting because as we reported, on the 15th, the DROID X is expected to launch with Android 2.1. That device is not expected to get Froyo until some time in August. Motorola and Verizon could have launched the DROID X first and forced owners of the first-gen DROID to make the tough decision on whether or not to upgrade. By giving the current owners of the first-gen machine the upgrade first, it allows them to see if having Flash and the extra speed is enough to let the DROID X go for a while. The DROID 2 is expected to launch August 23rd and that device is supposedly going to have Android 2.2 under the hood, right out of the box.

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source: DroidLife

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