Motorola DROID supports multi-touch for third party apps?

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Motorola DROID supports multi-touch for third party apps?
For reasons known only to Motorola and Google, the overseas version of the Motorola DROID, the MILESTONE, supports multi-touch right out of the box. For example, as we have reported, on the latter device, you can pinch to zoom on the browser. While the DROID will not offer multi-touch support on core functions, it will support it on third party apps. Phandroid has posted this video which shows that the handset-to be launched Friday by Verizon-will allow multi-touch use on the newest version of Picsay available in the Android Market. The whole thing begs for some sort of explanation why the MILESTONE and the DROID have different levels of multi-touch support. It isn't that the Android system doesn't support multi-touch as the video shows that it certainly does. And while the Android browser doesn't use multi-touch as a default setting, it is something that can be added as it was on the MILESTONE.

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1. Triple0h

Posts: 4; Member since: Oct 19, 2009

Just like I have been trying to say. It does have multi touch. Just because the browser doesn't have pinch zoom does not mean it doesnt have multi touch. They also have a video showing the multitouch working on the standard soft keyboard as well.

2. becazican unregistered

Just dont buy this at best buy, they are a rip off, told me i was guarantteed to get one on the 6th, and sold me a gift card on the pre sale. now they said that they may not get too many so those on the list that they pre sold will have to wait, you would be better off at the verizon store at 7 am. now best buy says they cant return money on a gift card and that is the only way they will pre sell the droid. best buy sucks

3. PapaJay224

Posts: 866; Member since: Feb 08, 2009

If you put money on the best buy gift card and you still have your receipt a manager can return your money to you.

4. locoboy808

Posts: 53; Member since: Oct 08, 2009

that phone and the iphone is cool but with out the apps it sucks i mean you can hack it but you can get windows mobile on it i say the omnia 2 beats them hands down and if you like to know why read the info on them and with the new omnia 2 thats the i920 you can turn it in to anything you like windows xp and more the Motorola DROID can be hacked but it cant do what windows can on my omnia i910 i can play psp games on it and do so much with out paying for sissy apps just to make your phone look good lol i say think and look before you buy i dont need a iphone thats only cools with the apps or the Motorola DROID that only cool with the apps if you love your home computer and thats what you like to do with your phone get a windows mobile phone and on the Motorola DROIDs internet it sucks look at skyfie that the same thing with that omnia or omnia 2 i can do almost everthing my PDA and its all for free no apps to buy just good clean hacking so read before you buy what your phone can do for you and what you need i like my cell to do everything like my pc lol anyways thats my 2cents and dont get mad sorry to everyone if you got mad but its realy what you like to have lo

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