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Motorola DROID gets a much needed game pad

Motorola DROID gets a much needed game pad
Gamers love the fact that the Motorola DROID is one of the few handsets out there that offers a directional pad found on the actual QWERTY keyboard itself, but they probably despise that it's not situated in the correct location that they're usually most comfortable using it. Luckily the time has come and there is a distinct flip flop in the location of things thanks to the Game Gripper accessory that places the D-pad to the traditional left side and adds an another eight buttons to fill in the gap that gamers truly require. No, it does not somehow miraculously control the D-pad on the right side of the keyboard – instead, it simply presses the buttons located underneath the Game Gripper's directional pad. Although some may argue it lacks the true feel of an actual game pad, its $15 price tag will surely be enough to warrant some owners to check it out. As much as we'd like to say that this will catapult the DROID into the same level of the premier hand-held consoles, it does take a huge step in separating itself from its mobile brothers.

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source: Game Gripper via Engadget


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