Motorola DROID X on video with Flash 10.1

Motorola DROID X on video with Flash 10.1
With the advantage of having a massive 4.3 inch screen, browsing the web should be quite a pleasure on the Motorola DROID X. Throw in support for Flash 10.1 and you truly have the web's desktop experience on your handset as you can see for yourself in this video prepared by Adobe. Ironically, while the DROID X out specs the original DROID, it will be the latter device that gets the Flash support first later this month with the Android 2.2 upgrade. The former model will get its Froyo update in August. Watching the video shows you how smoothly Adobe Flash 10.1 plays on the DROID X and it sure looks like the Android platform has been conquered by the software developer, making web browsing on your phone a complete experience. After all, what good is surfing the web on your handset without seeing those blinking, animated ads right in front of your face.

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source: iAndroidBlogsYouTubeChannel via AndroidCentral

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