Motorola Canary / KRZR for Verizon

Motorola Canary / KRZR for Verizon

The Boy Genius and EngadgetMobile released some new pictures of the Canary / KRZR. After the device popped up on a Cingular roadmap a week ago, we can now see the Verizon logo stamped on it, and the Verizon UI on its display. The Verizon version changes the color of the shell from violet-blue to black.

It looks like the new Canary / KRZR will be a real hit as it will be distributed by the US's top two carriers. There's still no official announcement of the phone neither by Motorola nor by any of the two carriers.

The models of the phones will probably be K1 for the GSM version and K1C for the CDMA version. 


Source: EngadgetMobile



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