Motorola CLIQ 2 update adds apps, kills bugs, and improves battery life

Motorola CLIQ 2 update adds apps, kills bugs, and improves battery life
Motorola CLIQ 2 owners are happier now that their device has received the 1.1.30 update. According to Motorola, the update improves the speed of loading widgets and wallpaper on the phone. And because a handset with a dead battery is useless, CLIQ 2 users will be ecstatic to learn that battery life has been improved with the upgrade, especially when using Wi-Fi and Google Maps.

A number of new apps will be added to the handset after downloading the upgrade. MobiTV, Lookout Mobile Security, UNO and Motorola's Family Room are added to the phone while other apps like Audio Postcard, AppPack and apps that allow you to make calls over Wi-Fi are updated. Those times when the Motorola CLIQ 2 freezes or programs close at random are supposedly over with after the update is installed. Once downloaded, the new software is expected to improve the accuracy of haptic feedback when you are typing on the keyboard. Check the source link for a complete changelist.

Motorola suggests that before starting this OTA update, you make sure that your battery is charged to at least 50% of full strength with an active SIM card in the device. To save yourself from high data charges, the manufacturer also suggests that you update the phone while on a Wi-Fi connection.

source: Motorola via Engadget

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