Most people unaware of their phone's make and model

According to a research, more than half (58%) of mobile phone users do not know what make and model their own handset is. Half of the users, 49%, only know the brand of their phone and only 9% are aware of the model of the device they're using. The results of the research indicate that carriers and manufacturer could be facing a problem as they're trying to make mobile data services (like video calling, mobile internet, MMS, etc.) used even more. The problem comes from the fact that exact phone details are required for new data service to be automatically brought to the phone. Moreover, when called upon, customer service would need to know enough about the handset in order to give a helpful technical advice.

The results also show that men and younger users, in the 15 to 34 age group, are more likely to know more about their phone, which is a good thing for operators and manufacturers as this is the group supposed to be the major part of advanced data services users. But carriers and phone makers would better consider thinking of a way of controlling this kind of basic phone info, and not relying that much on their users to be aware of it.

Source: textually

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