More evidence suggests HTC M7 will be simply called HTC One

Several days ago, a pretty trustworthy source of leaks stated that the upcoming HTC M7 was bound to be known simply as the HTC One. And by the looks of it, the source may be on the right track since further evidence in support of this claim has been discovered. There's a UAProf (User Agent Profile) for an Android device made by HTC with a display resolution of 1920 by 1080 pixels. In the file, the model name of the device is listed as – you guessed it – "HTC One".

Would we classify this evidence as solid? Nope, not really – UAProf files allegedly written for yet-to-be-announced devices aren't as reliable as we wish they were. Sometimes data that interests us the most, such as the processor model or the resolution of a given device's screen, for example, turns out to be inaccurate. 

But on the other hand, who knows. Perhaps the HTC M7 will be called HTC One after all, although it boggles the mind what the company will call its other upcoming handsets. Chances are we'll know the truth pretty soon as the newest HTC flagship Android smartphone will be announced officially in only 8 days, on February 19.

source: HTC via Techkiddy

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