More confirmation that indirect channels are getting the Motorola DEVOUR first

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More confirmation that indirect channels are getting the Motorola DEVOUR first
Sometimes it may be a bit difficult to fathom how indirect channels get treated to handset launches first way before Verizon's own carrier stores see a shipment. Whichever way you want to look at the whole situation, it's still nice to see a handset debut – especially when it's been advertised during the Super Bowl. One of BGR's contacts was able to provide them some launch documents for the upcoming Motorola DEVOUR which is expected to be launched through indirect channels via authorized distributors. So that means you can wait at select local Verizon authorized dealer locations on February 25 to snatch up your very own Android handset. If you prefer dealing with Verizon directly, also avoiding any problems that may arise from third party dealers,  you can expect to see the DEVOUR in Verizon stores starting March 15. Apparently all the leaks surrounding the handset has gotten word to Big Red and they removed pricing details from all the launch documents. Luckily though, sources have told BGR that Verizon is aiming at the $99 price point when it's launched – seems pretty competitive with its QWERTY keyboard offering.

Motorola DEVOUR Specifications

source: BGR



1. Steven58

Posts: 80; Member since: Nov 25, 2009

I dunno.. I don't understand the fuss about this phone. It is underpowered, and doesn't have the latest Android OS. Am I a snob?

3. rjt185

Posts: 257; Member since: Jun 11, 2009

For $99.00 Underpowered? ...not really Latest Android? ...eventually, it could. Or you can port it yourself. Snob...that might be a tad harsh...your expectations are just not matching with what the phone and reality have to offer.

14. tuminatr

Posts: 1141; Member since: Feb 23, 2009

Qualcomm MSM7627, built on two ARM-cores on one chip - processor applications with a frequency of 600 MHz and modem with a frequency of 400 MHz.

2. spk

Posts: 36; Member since: Feb 03, 2010

working at a direct store, i'm really kind of lost as to how indirect locations will get this before we will. whatever.

5. VZWindirect

Posts: 3; Member since: Feb 11, 2010

Because we just do not make money for ourselves but Verizon as well so they give us these opportunities to rack up the activations. You guys have way more opportunities to get inventory before we do so because we get one phone before you all you do is whine! We exist because Verizon needs us and therefore deserve to be treated as equal. The only difference between Indirect and Direct is our freedom to work hard and not have to worry about losing our job because we had a bad week or month.

10. TmoGuy

Posts: 2; Member since: Feb 06, 2010

In my area I notice a vast magority of Verizon locations being indirects. I see 10 indirects for every one company owned store. That could be part of the reason. I used to work for an indirect Sprint. We would always get passed over on new phones that were going to be "hot". By the time we got them in stock the hype was pretty much passed. All regular phones launched with us at the same time. I honestly wouldn't be too worried about this Devour not being launched right away in company owned stores. VZW currently offers better choices in hardware.

22. spk

Posts: 36; Member since: Feb 03, 2010

was i whining? no. Don't jump the gun. This is just the first time that I can remember, where indirect gets a phone a month prior to corportate stores. Of course you deserve to be treated "as equal" as I figure you guys would get the phone at the same time as us.

4. PoRTaLFieLD

Posts: 10; Member since: Jan 29, 2010

i dont get the comment "problems you may run into with third party dealers" because where i'm from the direct store is a bunch of horribly trained snot nose punks who don't use their hearts....but the indirect stores here give incredible whats the issue there?

7. VZWindirect

Posts: 3; Member since: Feb 11, 2010

Very well said Portalfield I have many customers daily telling me how rude the salesman was and how long the wait was at the Direct store. The problem is they are more worried about selling than the customers needs.

8. Kiltlifter

Posts: 742; Member since: Dec 11, 2008

wel... sometimes indirect representatives promise the world, then call direct cs to fix all their problems for them. I am not saying that every indirect store behaves in this way, but i have encountered it many times. Best Buys says something, Go Wireless says another, and ultimately VZW direct has to fix the issue. If there was consistency in all channels, both direct and indirect for all companies, the world would be a better place. haha.

9. VZWindirect

Posts: 3; Member since: Feb 11, 2010

Please do not compare Premium Retailers to that of Best Buy. Those guys sell numerous carriers at a time and we are often fixing their problems as well. If for a chance I do have to call in to get something fixed its to our Indirect customer care I would never call a Direct store for help

11. idiotwind13

Posts: 80; Member since: Dec 29, 2008

Because in 99% of cases the opposite is true. Of course it's true that some indirect stores are good, but heres the problem: there is very little uniformity of training, the agent locations can pretty much hire who they want. Then a lot of them do a very poor job of explaining that they are not a direct store so any returns must be handled through them, and people come to direct stores mad that they cannot do a return. Also, indirects are able to send pretty much any service issue to a direct store and get us to deal with it, allowing them to pass the buck on the interaction and not have to deal with service issues. I am sure that you personally do give great service to your customers, but having worked in a direct retail store for almost four years I will tell you that the vast majority of agents make my job considerably more difficult, which makes me unhappy.

12. rathdrum77

Posts: 25; Member since: Sep 09, 2009

I work for GoWireless, and we never call a direct store to fix anything, we use our indirect line, or take care the customer ourselves. Final recourse would be to put them on the phone at our store with Verizon. We want our customers to come back to OUR store for every wireless need.

17. GlenF

Posts: 50; Member since: Nov 02, 2009

opposite here... there is an authorized dealer that has opened and closed 2 12 stores in 2 years. he keeps them open till they get a bad rep, then moves them to a town 5 miles away. If you don't go Corp here, you get F**ked

19. VZWPremretailer

Posts: 1; Member since: Feb 12, 2010

As a Store Manager for A premium Retail Store I Have more customers coming and complaing about corporate stores just adding services on to there plans without there knowledge. Corporate Stores always give the indirect a bad name by saying they sell used or refurbished phones which is untrue for most premium stores

6. PoRTaLFieLD

Posts: 10; Member since: Jan 29, 2010

99 after $100 rebate im guessing?

13. downbeat3

Posts: 13; Member since: Nov 05, 2009

-"If you prefer dealing with Verizon directly, also avoiding any problems that may arise from third party dealers" - Are you shitting me!!! I manage a VZW indirect location and wish I got paid a commission everytime someone came into my store bitching about corporate, but I'm sure those same people go to corporate and bitch about us when we don't offer to bend over and take it hard for their insane requests!! "But I'm a VIP"?? I think i need a vacation....NEXUS ONE......INDIRECT...WHAT...


Posts: 58; Member since: Jun 21, 2008

The never ending debate of direct over indirect. Each side has their own good stores and bad. In the end we are all working for the same person (the customer) end of story. -Cody (Indirect Location Manager)

16. phonedemocracy

Posts: 98; Member since: Sep 30, 2009

At my indirect store we see a lot of irate customers coming from the AT&T, Verizon, and Sprint stores. The only time we ever send customers to a direct store is to swap numbers from one phone to the other when automatic updates aren't on or when bluetoothing the address book isnt an option/doesnt work. If we had the machine for that I would never send a customer elsewhere. A lot of the time customers come to us with billing problems with Sprint or AT&T and we call CS for them, because the people in the direct store don't have the time/patience to.

18. jogutier

Posts: 324; Member since: Feb 12, 2010

Indirect stores stink. They always...always....tell customers to go to a direct store if they have any questions. They never fully assist customer with setting up their email on their smartphones. INDIRECT stores are only in it for the money and it's Verizon's fault that they hold them to such low standards. There's absolutly no training involve with the indirect sales reps, so that even makes Verizon Wireless look worst. They shouldn't even alow authorize dealers exist. O, and just to add. YES, Verizon Wireless Retail Sales Reps do get fired if there's too many complaints or lack of customer service being provided. Indirect Sales Reps get fired for not burning enough people. Buy from direct stores only for a great experience.


Posts: 58; Member since: Jun 21, 2008

I love how some people are ignorant and their posts prove it.

20. PoRTaLFieLD

Posts: 10; Member since: Jan 29, 2010

the indirect store i go to actually does everything. the corp store here stopped doing in store warranty replacements and stopped pretty much everything except they still flash phones, which i think if you have ever had that done you know its BS and makes your phone worse...anyways, there's so much that any person with a brain can do on their own, so much of this business is self service now, on top of everything you have waiving rebates were BOTH corporate and indirect do not, if everyone knew that and didnt mind ordering from the web, stores would be pointless. Fact of the matter is the only thing that corporate has in my experience that indirect doesn't, longer wait times and employees that are mad at the world....deadly combo for good business and service. and #18 the indirect store I go to despises even talking to corp so that isnt true.

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